Sinus Lifts

Our team of health professionals at New Hamburg Dental Group gives high value in restoring your teeth. We want to help you achieve and enjoy quality of life with permanent dental restorations. We overcome obstacles that would hinder us from delivering the treatment that you need. That’s why we look for alternatives that will take us further in finding solutions to your dental problems.

One of our treatment alternatives is the sinus lift or sinus augmentation surgery. We perform this surgery when the treatment area is near the sinus cavity and the patient lacks bone density level. We offer this alternative surgery for patients who want to undergo dental implant surgery even with the given circumstances.

We add graft materials underneath the exposed bone to augment the sinus cavity and allow it to heal for months. We let the patients go through a healing process as the body regenerates more tissues and be ready for the implant. This is an important factor for a successful dental implant treatment. In some cases, our oral surgeons decide to place the implant immediately after the sinus lift surgery. This is performed after careful assessment of the patient’s oral cavity.

Dental implants are artificial roots of the teeth that fuse with the patient’s natural bones and tissues. With the success of the implant treatment, the tooth is permanently replaced, and further bone loss is prevented. Implant dentistry offers many patients a durable and stable tooth restoration that can be covered with either crowns or dentures.

Our oral surgeons went into extensive training in order to accomplish a successful alternative surgery. We also use advanced dental technology for higher efficiency and accuracy in providing treatment. We don’t want you to settle for a temporary restoration when you can have a chance for a fixed dental implant.

We invite you to visit our clinic for a consultation today! We are ready to discuss with you about our different dental services including sinus lift surgery.

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