We understand that each patient has a unique orthodontic case. Some have misalignment and gap issues with their teeth, while others have overcrowded teeth or malocclusion. In our dental practice, we offer our patients a variety of options for their orthodontic treatment, including dental braces. There are two types of materials that we use for dental braces; ceramic and metal.

As your dental service provider, it’s important that we identify your needs and match them with the appropriate treatment. Let us help you learn more about the different types of braces available in our clinic.

Types of dental braces

Ceramic braces are similar to metal braces in shape and in size. The only difference is that we use clear ceramic brackets for this type of treatment for a discreet appearance. The brackets are tooth-colored so they blend well with the color of your natural teeth. You also have the option to use tooth-colored wires and orthodontic bands so your braces are less noticeable. We recommend ceramic braces to our patients with mild orthodontic cases.

Metal braces are the traditional types of braces. As the name suggests, we use metal brackets and archwires to push your teeth for proper alignment. We highly recommend metal braces to treat severe cases of teeth gap, misalignment, and malocclusion.

Lingual braces are similar to metal braces except that the dental wires are attached on the inside of the teeth. These are specially designed for our patients who need orthodontic treatment, yet, they need the wires to be invisible from the outside.

We want to help you achieve straighter teeth with dental braces. We perform an extensive evaluation for you to receive the best treatment you deserve. We help you manage your oral care all throughout your orthodontic treatment. Visit us today at New Hamburg Dental Group!



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