Orthodontics for Kids

Your teens deserve to have the best and brightest smiles. However, sometimes dental problems such as malocclusion, overcrowded, ill-shaped or misaligned teeth can hinder them from having that. We at New Hamburg Dental Group treat your teens’ orthodontic issues so they grow with more confidence. We help them prepare for the bigger things in life.

Aside from aesthetic purposes, teens with well-aligned teeth have better oral health. Better alignment lessens the chances of bacteria being trapped in between the teeth. Also, it helps your teenagers easily manage their oral care better.

We offer a variety of options to correct the unique issues of their teeth. We have clear aligners, ceramic and traditional braces, and we tailor-fit the treatment plan based on your child’s needs. We conduct a full checkup using digital technology for quicker diagnosis. Our newly-acquired PrimeScan intraoral scanner allows us to capture precise digital images of their teeth for a more accurate treatment planning.

We recommend that they wear orthodontic appliances as soon as their permanent teeth have erupted. When there is overcrowding of teeth, we may need to remove those that disrupt the proper teeth alignment and growth. This way, our young patients are able to get maximum results with their orthodontic treatment. An early diagnosis and treatment are perfect for their teeth to grow healthier and in great shape.

Visit our dental clinic today and let your teens undergo an orthodontic consultation. We anticipate your needs so you can also avail of dental insurance plans that will help you cover the costs. We are happy to answer all your queries with regard to the treatment so you will make a well-informed choice. We want you to plan ahead for the treatment to ensure that nothing will stop your teens from achieving better smiles. We are your reliable partner in quality dental care!

Dentistry for Kids

  • Checkup and cleaning

  • Emergency dental care

  • Extractions

  • Fillings

  • Nitrous oxide sedation

  • Root canal treatment

  • Preventive dentistry