3D Cone Beam (CT Scanner)

We continually invest in updated equipment to provide us with the most accurate and precise treatment plan for our patients. In our dental practice, we have invested in a 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner. This equipment gives us a clearer picture as it captures 3D images of the teeth and produces a 360 degree image. The machine scans and captures about 600 bits of information in your mouth, and a software program puts these pieces together to form a three-dimensional image.

These 3D images are an important tool for us to check the structure of your teeth, bones and sinuses. However,  not all patients require  3D Cone Beam imaging.

A CT Scan would be used when:

  • Assessing if root canal therapy is the appropriate  treatment for the patient
  • Precise placement of an implant
  • Planning for a wisdom tooth extraction
  • Evaluation of sinus cavity prior to a sinus lift surgery
  • Treatment planning for sleep apnea
  • Determine fractures of the teeth
  • Patient shows symptoms of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder
  • Discover the underlying causes of undiagnosed dental pain

Before the procedure, we will request that you remove any pieces of jewelry such as earrings while we capture the images. Then, the 3D Cone Beam machine does the work in taking images from different angles. You will not feel any kind of discomfort, and the process only takes about 15 seconds.

Our dental team uses this incredible technology to improve the quality of dental service we provide. We are committed to evaluating and presenting the best treatment option to our patients.


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