Gum Grafting

Our gums play an important role in our body. They surround and protect the bones of our teeth. Taking care of our gums is as important as keeping our teeth clean. When gums are compromised, we do everything we can to treat them.

Our dental specialists perform gum grafting for patients who are experiencing gum recession due to periodontal gum disease. This way, we prevent tooth sensitivity and tooth loss. Also, we perform this procedure for cosmetic treatment, that is to improve the appearance of patients with a gummy smile.

In our dental practice, we perform three methods of gum grafting based on our patients’ needs:

  • Connective-tissue grafts. We use the connective soft tissues found in the patient’s palate to cover the exposed tooth roots. In this technique, we flap the skin of the palate to get access to the connective tissues. Then we place the tissues on the gums which surround the exposed roots.
  • Free-gingival grafts. This method is similar to connective-tissue gum grafting where we use tissues found on the patient’s palate. However, the procedure does not involve flapping of the skin. Our specialists get tissues directly from the roof of the patient’s mouth and apply them to the gum that needs treatment.
  • Pedicle grafts. In this method, the patient must have enough healthy gums surrounding the treatment area. We partially cut the flap, also called the pedicle, from above or below the area that needs treatment. Meanwhile, the other edge remains attached, and then we stitch the flap directly to the exposed roots.

We also give our patients the option to source for graft materials from tissue banks if necessary. Another option is for us to give our patients time to regenerate their gum tissues with the help of tissue-stimulating proteins. We ensure that we will go with the option that works best with our patients.

If you’re one of those who need this treatment, visit our clinic today. Whether you need treatment for gum recession or you want to have a better smile, we’re here to help you. We assure you of a smooth and relaxing gum grafting surgery through the help of anesthetics and sedation.

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