We believe that every tooth is worth saving because you deserve a great smile for life. One of the ways that we preserve your smile is through the use of dental fillings. These are restorations used to save damaged or diseased teeth, and restore their form and function.

Commonly, the structural loss is a result of external trauma or tooth decay. We perform two types of restorations based on your dental needs.

Two main types of restorations

We perform a direct restoration when we place a soft or a malleable filling in the tooth to build it up. We use white filling material made of a composite resin because they are strong and durable to restore your teeth. We perform this procedure in a single appointment.

We also do indirect restorations such as inlays and onlays, crowns, and veneers. With our CEREC system, most often we complete your restoration on the same day. Delivering dental services using the best technology is important to us because we value your time!

How it’s done

We make sure that you feel comfortable during the treatment. We administer anesthetic to the treatment area before removing any decayed/ broken down portion of the tooth. We apply the bonding agent, then the composite filling material, and cure it with a special light. However, if the tooth structure is compromised by the size of the restoration, we recommend proceeding with an indirect restoration. The teeth are prepped and a digital scan taken of  your teeth for the impression. The data is sent to the milling machine for us to craft an indirect restoration and bond it to your tooth. We polish the restored tooth to mimic a natural replica for aesthetics and for a perfect bite.

We want to make sure your smile is just as unique as you are. You deserve your best smile!

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