Dental Sealants

We are a team of dental professionals who care for your child’s developing teeth. In their growing years, they are prone to cavities for a variety of reasons. “I want to brush myself” is a great start to independence but their dexterity and time spent is usually limited. Their snack choices may also be more sugar and starch based. One of the best ways that we protect their teeth is thorugh the application of sealants.

Sealants are thin coatings that we apply to the teeth’s biting surface to help prevent decay and cavities among children. We recommend applying sealants to their premolars and molars where decay is most likely to start.

Purpose of dental sealants:

  • Help prevent dental caries on the occlusal surface
  • Protect the teeth so they remain in place. This makes for the appropriate exfoliation of primary teeth which leads to proper spacing for their permanent teeth.

How do we apply dental sealants?

  1. We clean and dry the teeth that need sealants.
  2. We apply an etching solution on the biting surface to roughen the enamel. This helps the sealant bond to the teeth. The teeth are then risned well and dried thoroughly.
  3. We apply the sealant material to the teeth and harden the bonding material using a 10 second curing light.

Most childern do not experience any sort of discomfort as we perform this procedure.

On top of protecting their teeth from cavities, our dental hygienists and assistants will also assist you in teaching your kids proper home care.  We want them to learn early on the value of caring for their teeth for a lifetime.

Bring your child with you to your next visit, and we will ensure they have a rewarding dental experience! Our friendly dental staff at New Hamburg Dental Group are ready to assist you with your dental needs. resizeimage 58 Dental Sealants New Hamburg Dental Group

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