Inlays & Onlays

Dental inlays and onlays are a more conservative approach to tooth restoration than full crowns. We use these indirect restorations to repair premolar and molar teeth that have mild to moderate decay. Also, we use these to resolve cracked teeth where the damage does not warrant a full crown.

We have an advanced technology, CEREC, that allows us to restore your teeth with inlays or onlays in one appointment! We use porcelain, composite resin and sometimes gold materials to create inlays and onlays. Inlays are when the bonded material is limited to the center of the tooth. Meanwhile onlays are when the bonded material is extended further to one or more cusps of the tooth.

What are the benefits of inlays and onlays?

Porcelain or composite materials create a natural look, making them virtually invisible compared to metal fillings. They are also a great fit as they do not expand or contract based on temperature like metal fillings. More importantly, the white filling materials last up to thirty years, longer than any other type of material. When we perform this restoration, we aim to preserve most of the healthy tooth structure.

Don’t wait until cavities take control of your teeth. Have a dental checkup today at New Hamburg Dental and let us take care of your oral health.

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