Clear Aligners

In our dental practice, we aim for excellence in the way we deliver our services. In orthodontics, we resolve minor teeth issues that include malocclusion, teeth spacing, misalignment and overcrowding using a different approach. We offer a revolutionary dental appliance that changed the game of orthodontics. Introducing, clear aligners!

The clear aligners treatment system uses different sets of dental trays that look like mouth guards. No more “metal mouth” for our patients who become self-conscious of how they look with the traditional braces wrapping their teeth. The dental trays are designed using CAD/CAM technology after a digital dental impression is taken. They are pre-fabricated based on the expected movement of the teeth after a certain period of the treatment. One set of tray adjusts the positioning of the teeth, and the tray is changed as the treatment progresses.

We make clear aligners from flexible, thermoplastic materials. Though plastic, they are durable enough to move your teeth into the right direction. One of the best features of clear aligners is that they are removable. This is a huge help to our orthodontic patients who struggle in maintaining oral care with traditional braces. The metal brackets make room for food particles to get stuck in between, therefore increasing bacterial growth. With clear aligners, they can take off their dental appliance when eating and cleaning their teeth which is more convenient. This treatment option gives comfort and flexibility to patients, notwithstanding its discreet appearance that makes patients not to feel self-conscious.

Come and visit our clinic today for us to conduct a thorough dental examination. We want to determine that you are the right candidate for clear aligners before we design your treatment plan. Together, let’s work and fix your orthodontic issues with these dental trays.

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