Dental Implants

Our dental team works hand in hand in restoring smiles, one patient at a time. One of our methods to replace missing teeth is through implant surgery. Dental implants are screws made of titanium or zirconia that act as durable artificial roots of the restorations. Implants are covered with dental crowns, usually made of porcelain, to achieve natural-looking teeth.

We use implants to replace single or multiple missing teeth as an alternative to dentures. In addition, patients who wear dentures can have them ‘snap and lock’ onto dental implants to significantly improve dentures’ stability and retention.

In this procedure, we place the implant into the jaw bone through surgery with utmost precision. We understand the complexities of this dental treatment, and so we use the latest technology in capturing 3D images. We use 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner to evaluate if the patient qualifies for the procedure, and to accurately place the implant.

In order for patients to qualify to the implant surgery, they need to have adequate bone density. If the patient’s bone density is insufficient, we do not stop from there.

We explore other treatment options such as bone grafting or sinus lift surgery so the patient gets the chance to have an implant. We allow healing to take place until the patient is ready to receive the implant. Once the graft materials are integrated into the patient’s natural bones after three months, we proceed with the implant surgery.

Advantages of dental implants

  • Implants covered with crowns are extremely natural looking.
  • They are sturdy and durable restorations that are easy to maintain.
  • They fuse into your jaw bone which make them stable.
  • They last a lifetime.

We strongly recommend that you consider having your missing teeth replaced with dental implants. Drop by our clinic today, and we will conduct an extensive examination and discuss our treatment plan with you.


Implant Dentistry

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