Bone Grafting

At the New Hamburg Dental Group we want to explore all possible treatment options to resolve your dental problems. When you want to have a dental implant for a fixed dental restoration after tooth loss, we help you achieve that.

When you experience tooth loss, and no replacement has been put in place, bone loss is expected. The most ideal  restoration would be a dental implant. However, this procedure requires you to have good bone density levels to ensure that your bone will integrate the implant. If you have insufficient levels of bone density,an implant still may be possible with bone grafting or augmentation.

The dentist will perform a surgical procedure as a pretreatment to dental implant surgery. We use special bone graft materials or take a bone section from a part of your body. We graft the material to your jaw bone to make it strong enough to host the implant. We allow a healing period of up to three months so that your body will be ready for dental implant treatment. Your cooperation is highly encouraged to speed up your recovery time. Remember to follow the post-operative aftercare as directed by the dentist.

Our dedicated dental professionals are highly trained to perform this procedure, and there’s a limited amount of discomfort.  Nitrous oxide sedation can be administered to make you feel relaxed until the surgery is completed. About three weeks following the surgery, we see you to view your progress  and schedule your next visits. We want to stay on top of your treatment to ensure that we will stay on schedule with the next procedure. We are with you all the way from start to finish!



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