Same Day Crowns

The New Hamburg Dental Group offers same-day tooth restorations using the revolutionary CEREC machine. This equipment uses CAD/CAM technology that enables us to fabricate same-day dental crowns for our valued patients.

Crowns are dental caps that cover teeth which are deeply discolored, cracked, fractured or broken. We also use this type of restoration to fix minor teeth gap and misalignment issues. We recommend porcelain crowns for a more aesthetic appeal and durability. Dental crowns are made based on the patient’s dental impression and are placed over the compromised teeth. We use strong bonding materials so the crowns adhere to the teeth quicker and better.

Say goodbye to temporary crowns! We want you to save time and effort in minimizing your dental appointments when seeking treatment. We trim down the process of tooth restoration to just one day.

We remove a portion of your teeth’s surface and digitally scan your teeth for the dental impression. The information is sent directly to our Primemill where your crowns are milled. Once the permanent porcelain crowns are ready, we apply a solution to roughen your teeth’s surface. Also, we put bonding material to the crowns and place each carefully on top of every tooth that needs treatment. We polish and trim the restoration as the final process and check your bite to ensure proper alignment. The porcelain crowns imitate a natural look of your teeth. Now, you’re ready to step out from our dental office with a brand-new smile in one appointment!

See our dental professionals today and seek for an immediate consultation when you need a tooth restoration. We will explore all your treatment options and see if dental crowns would suit you best. We also accommodate same-day dental emergencies. We assure that you will have a welcoming and relaxing experience with us. resizeimage 30 Same Day Crowns New Hamburg Dental Group

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