Primescan Intraoral Scanner

In this age of digital dentistry, we are taking the dental scanning process to the next level with   Primescan technology. With this addition to our modern equipment, intraoral scanning has never been this accurate, fast, and easy. It’s software seamlessly integrates with our chairside workflow to enhance our patients’ experience during their visit. What’s more, it also has enhanced connectivity so we can easily share data with the whole dental staff.

Best features of Primescan

  • Includes pixel sensor to capture more than a million 3D points every second
  • Comes with intelligent processing technology for a smooth and lag-free dental scanning experience
  • Dynamic scan depth of up to 20 millimeters for high accuracy
  • Quickest processing in capturing images with high resolution as compared to other brands

We at New Hamburg Dental Group continue to find innovative solutions to improve our delivery of dental services. We don’t settle for anything less because our patients deserve the best dental care. With their changing needs, we remain on top of our game in giving precision treatment based on highly accurate images captured by Primescan.

In the past, patients were asked to wait for a long time before they would receive dental treatment. More often, it would take at least two visits just to hear the dentist’s diagnosis. The manual method of taking dental impressions is just too uncomfortable and add up to the waiting time. Dental impressions would have to travel from the clinic to the laboratory and vice-versa. Not to mention, patients need to wear temporary restorations while the permanent ones are fabricated in the laboratory. The long list goes on, and that takes a lot of time for patients to get the treatment they need.

The good news is, the traditional methods are out as we incorporate new technology in our practice. With this, we are geared towards single-visit dentistry with Primescan intraoral scanner! We speed up the process, improve our workflow, and achieve the highest efficiency and accuracy for all treatments.

Try our new equipment and experience a seamless and accurate oral scanning!


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